At Sustainable Pest Systems, our job is to make your life easier! As Charlotte's premier and locally-owned eco-sensitive pest management company, our aim is to prevent pest issues at your home, through diligent monitoring, thorough inspection, exclusion methods and educating you, our valued customer! Our service specialists are trained in Integrated Pest Management or IPM which means they use their understanding of your pests' biological and characteristics to solve your pest problems!

Our IPM service specialists are trained to:

  • use monitoring technology to know when a pest infestation is present
  • remove food sources and harborage (homes) that help sustain the pests living in and around your home
  • remediate the infestation by excluding the pest and
  • when necessary by treat with targeted and prescriptive treatment to your unique home and pest problem, minimizing risk to your home, guests, pests, residents and the local eco-system

Our commitment to our customers is to guarantee immediate response to your pest-related needs and questions as well as guaranteed customer satisfaction in our service and sustainable results!


• Humane wildlife removal and trapping

• Termite baiting and traditional treatments

• Organic ground and yard treatments for snakes

• Exterior mosquito and tick programs, organic and botanical options available


At Sustainable Pest Systems we’re not only bug geeks but animal geeks as well! If you’re hearing something scurrying around your attic or chirping in your walls, call us!

Being that we love animals (when they’re outside!), we offer humane wildlife trapping and exclusion to make sure your home is critter free.

Not only that, but our goal is immediate response to your needs and offer guarantees to make sure you receive a service with long term results.

We have wildlife technicians specially trained to identify signs of animal activity, potential entry points, and other tell tale (or tail!) clues to allow us to propose building specific solutions. Our technicians are also skilled at sealing entry points permanently so the same issue does not occur again.


• Gray and Flying Squirrel trapping and removal

• Bat removal and exclusion

• Gable vent exclusion

• Racoon trapping and removal


Noticing fruit flies at the bar or German cockroaches walking around like they own the place? Join the long  list of our satisfied restaurant customers. Sustainable Pest Systems has years of experience solving pest problems in commercial kitchens.

We know that flies, cockroaches, and other pests can carry various harmful bacteria and diseases and we make it our priority to protect your guests and reputation from them.

SPS is committed to responding to your pest concerns in a timely manner while using products with the lowest environmental impact, minimizing any harmful effects to your guests, staff or the environment.

Let us help you nip your pest problems in the bud (or bug!). Give us a call now so we can set up a free evaluation and  inspection of your restaurant.


• Routine services tailored to the specific needs of your facility

• Low impact and eco-sensitive services that not only solve pest problems but also protect your guests from harsh pesticides

• Comprehensive exterior and interior fly programs for fruit flies and house flies

• Detailed work orders which include integrated pest management recommendations for sustainable results


At Sustainable Pest Systems we know one of the important parts of our job is to make your life easier. As Charlotte’s premier local eco-sensitive pest management company, our service specialists are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Our aim is to prevent pest issues at your facility with diligent monitoring and thorough inspection. And if a pest issue is found, SPS can solve even the toughest and most persistent problems.

Our commitment is to respond immediately to your pest issues and to nip problems in the bud (or bug!). By using the lowest impact products possible in a timely manner we can minimize risk to your residents, guests, staff and the environment.

SPS is one of the only pest management companies that offers pest and termite services, bed bug eradication and nuisance wildlife trapping. Please give us a call for immediate scheduling or to set up a free inspection!


• Routine and emergency services (including Saturday!)

• Full service pest management equipped to take care of any pest issue

• Heat remediation for bed bugs

• Personalized office support for your account


Worried about bed bugs at your business? As Charlotte’s leading bed bug extermination specialists, we offer a comprehensive list of services for our commercial customers to provide unprecedented coverage from the pest.

SPS is one of the few companies that offers thermal remediation. Heat treatments have the ability to completely rid a unit/room of bed bugs in hours. This allows you to turn a unit or rent a room again in days instead of months! We have specialized treatment protocol for hotel rooms, multi unit housing, elderly care facilities (and more) that is proven to be extremely effective!

Bed bugs are an extremely difficult pest to eliminate, so hire SPS! We specialize in solving bed bug problems, no matter how severe or widespread. In addition, we will help you implement proactive bed bug strategies to keep your facility bed bug free in the future.